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By means of this document I would like to write and hopefully express the very best recommendation I could give to a lovely couple, George and Christine. My husband and I live in a home/bed and breakfast in Menorca, an island off mainland Spain, along with two dogs, a cat, two lovebirds and 52 baby tortoises we are trying to save from predators to leave free when they’ve grown a bit.

We went traveling for two months in January and February of this year and were lucky enough to find George and Christine and honored that they accepted to move to Menorca for two months and house and pet sit for us. It was a first time for us to have someone in the house we didn’t know and the experience couldn’t have been better.

All we can say is that before they left and before we leave again we asked if they would consider house sitting again for us and with their saying yes, we are definitely going to ask them next time we travel, which will probably be next January.

They took excellent care of all animals, kept the house as if they’d not been here and to top it off, George kept us updated by email 2 to 3 times a week.

We thoroughly recommend them.

We honestly don’t think our pets missed us at all!

SNL Menorca

They are excellent house sitters, we really cannot speak highly enough of them. During our absence they took care of our dog, two cats, aquarium and pond fish, as well as maintaining our large garden. (Our housekeeper arrived one day to find one of them working outside in the rain.)

They are a lovely couple, considerate, caring, conscientious and honest.

Personally I doubt whether better house sitters could be found anywhere. We advertised in The Lady, a British magazine and had over 80 applicants; they were our first choice.

Enjoy your holiday you can rest assured your home will be well taken care of!
PH (in NZ)

They did an amazing job of handling my affairs while I was away, and loving my beautiful Sheltie, Bonnie, and caring for the three cats too - although they're pretty much low maintenance, the cats I mean. Bonnie is not, she needs lots of walks, grooming and cuddles, all of which she got.

A special mission at my place was releasing Monarch Butterflies as they emerged from their chrysallises, and also providing more food for the very hungry caterpillars, and all went well - I even got a report of when the various chrysallises I'd left hatched out.

Well done. I'd have them back ANYTIME.
JK (in NZ)

Because of your presence, I was able to leave the house, a large country mansion, in safe hands and take a short holiday. The house was at that time full of antiques and objects d'art and thus very vulnerable to burglary.

There was every opportunity for the unexpected to happen and for mistakes to be made. When I returned, all was well. You had discharged these onerous responsibilities with aplomb, great confidence and with neither crisis nor error. Your honesty and integrity were beyond question and your abilities and acceptance of responsibility outstanding.
PH Wales

Thank you for leaving the house so spotlessly clean and welcoming us with a posy of flowers - it was very thoughtful and much appreciated.
MF Cornwall

Our home was very well looked after; it was immaculate when we returned, and all our many (and varied) pets had been exceptionally well cared for. The neighbours remarked on how lucky we had been in our choice of house-sitters.

I sensed that their stay had been more than a job for them. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this pleasant, honest, reliable and hard-working couple. Indeed, we are hoping that they will consider coming to us again when we move abroad later this year!
LT Lincolnshire

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